This Model Doest rocs! Ajak Deng in new ad campaign for Nine west! (by Ubanroc’s Sparks)

tumblr_n6iwkjRXO81qd1yv1o1_1280 tumblr_n6iwkjRXO81qd1yv1o2_1280
The BIG question is, will Ajak Deng quit being all up on our fashion spaces?!
I doubt that pretty much…at least, not any time soon i hope. The gorgeous svelte sudanese model shines brightly like a star that she truly is in this  2014 ad campaign for luxury shoe and eyewear label, NINE WEST.
The campaign shows off Ajak rocking trendy colorful contemporary shoes that you ladies will drool over, alongside a colorful rack displaying different shoe designs of various cuts, colors and texture. Also featured were a few eyewear pieces.
1972322_10152106914214332_2020761516_n-683x463 10150702_10152167355019332_6410883241129514906_n-683x463 10154269_10152121868209332_2039930781760788669_n
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