Audacious Yaya Deng For Oyster Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 Issue (By UrbanRoc’s Thelma)


Gorgeous model,Yaya Deng is fearless and shows no sign of halting her speed as she again featured in another editoral…. this time its a polychromatic- prints-inspired fashion editorial for Oyster Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 issue.

Yaya Deng is styled by Caroline Sundt-Wels & Jedda-Daisy Culley in several print pieces against  bright backgrounds that offer a nice colour blend with the pieces that she wore in the editorial for Oyster magazine and she is photographed by Byron Spencer.

20 year old, Yaya, scouted at 14, is no novice to the fashion world but she is not always a front-runner of campaigns or magazine editorials. It looks like that is about to change for the dark-skinned stunning beauty

Yaya-Deng-by-Byron-Spencer-for-Oyster-Magazine-1 Yaya-Deng-by-Byron-Spencer-for-Oyster-Magazine-4

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