Tanzanian brand, Nyumbani Design has unveiled Autumn/Winter lookbook for 2014 called “Yellow Spaces” (By Thelma Opara)

Tanzanian-Brand-Nyumbani-Design-Unveils-AutumnWinter-2015-Yellow-Spaces-Collection-FAB-Magazine-2 Tanzanian-Brand-Nyumbani-Design-Unveils-AutumnWinter-2015-Yellow-Spaces-Collection-FAB-Magazine-3 Tanzanian-Brand-Nyumbani-Design-Unveils-AutumnWinter-2015-Yellow-Spaces-Collection-FAB-Magazine-11

The collection inspired by the loveliness of the Swahili coast is very fashion forward, youthful, simple but yet edgy and packs all the power to make you drool.

The collection includes mixed prints, statement wood bangle and neckpiece that are lustworthy and crafted from various indigenous trees.

The models takes on the playful tone in this shoot. Photographed by OsseGrecaSinare and styled by Christine Mhando.

Tanzanian-Brand-Nyumbani-Design-Unveils-AutumnWinter-2015-Yellow-Spaces-Collection-FAB-Magazine-9 Tanzanian-Brand-Nyumbani-Design-Unveils-AutumnWinter-2015-Yellow-Spaces-Collection-FAB-Magazine-13

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