UrbanRoc’s Sparks’ got Dapper-tude!



Have you always wondered how some guys just pull it all together effortlessly? How they can just look like they just stepped off a vogue magazine? Well, it takes one that understands the fashion times and what’s trending and then maybe a bit of a pile of fashion and style magazines to inspire when there’s a style ‘block’. Okay let me just speak for myself…hehe

Its 2014 and the dudes are not smiling! Gone are the times when guys were hesitant to ‘dress up’ because it was a silent fad that its a girl’s thing. Fast-forward to present day fashion hemisphere, that preconceived idea has been tossed to the milky way! Now, every guy is pulling all the stop to look groomed, clean and stylish. I mean who wouldn’t? Girls like a guy that can interprete their personas into what they wear, be it a cool guy or bad guy. For the records, I put the ‘b’ in bad…yoohoo! Wink

Now as a guy, to get anyone coveting your closet with every ‘covety covetousness’, there are some essentials your wardrobe should comprise of. Of course, to look the part, you need to spend the part. Looking like a million dollars isn’t a small fry hence it comes with a sacrifice. A vital element of a man’s wardrobe is his SUITS. Tuxedo, tweed jacket, blazer, three-piece suit are a few to stash up. It definitely always does the trick in creating that impeccable style that lingers in the minds of droolers lol. Now its always good to spice up things every now and then as it creates variations and that helps to make a new look subsequently. Here are a few ideas;

pin-stripped gives you that classic debonair look…a very good choice for a stylish day at work, with the classic white shirt and right shoes and tie to accessorise with? You can do no wrong! Also a tuxedo helps you register as an upper class elite, sets you apart for the sophisticated modern trendy man status. Can be accessorised with a cravat, bow tie or slim tie to make you look trim too. A tweed jacket or blazer can switch up from being a casual-formal look to a casual-casual look…in other words, can pass for a day and night out choice. Talk about setting you up for thousands of watts of dapper-tude!

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