Man bags… making the Fashion round on Urbanroc (By SPARKS)

As time and space evolve, so is fashion; vintage becoming modern and contemporary stealing from old influences and revamping for a fresh outlook. Fashion has seen many eras come and go and come back again, and as new innovations come to be, fashionistas wait in baited breaths for what’s next. What’s gonna be in vogue? Is it gonna be raffia leaves made into a pant? Bath robes styled for an outdoor look? Or guys wearing skirts? Erm, that’s stale now…guys wear kilt! You didn’t know? Which rock have you been living under? Well, it takes skillful and tasteful styling to pull the scottish skirts off. Don’t try unless of course you can dare to…fashion is all about risks right?

Are you a guy and still think carrying a bag makes you a sissy? Think again! Lemme introduce you to man bags; bags specifically made to suit the new fashionable male. Fine leather made into carriers for work, casual outings and just general holders for personal effects for that stylish man on the go. Its a good piece to help make that trendy statement.

Man bags come in patent leather, animal hides like snake skin, leopard skin, crocodile skin et al…or in super cool italian fine leather or just made from interesting prints and patterned textures. And they have been made to suit different style get-ups and functions; take for instance the messenger bags can be cool for casual ensembles, or depending on what you wanna carry…the magnitude I mean. Working the man bags to suit your style is all about understanding the geometrics of the male fashion. The man hand bags are best for statement looks, whether you want to step out in your wax print design and gladiator footwear or heading to the office in your bespoke suit, or a fun day out with friends to the mall in your shorts and plaid shirt….

So when next you want to heat up your style notches up, try one of the luxury male hand bags and you’ll be grateful for it.

FotoSketcher image

FotoSketcher image2

Louis vuitton spring 2010 man bag collection

FotoSketcher image3FotoSketcher image4


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